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Enhance Your Home the Way You Want!

Our durable concrete coatings provide several benefits in residential settings.

While residential applications may not involve the same level of heavy traffic and chemical exposure as commercial or industrial settings, they still offer several advantages for homeowners:

Enhanced Aesthetics: Our durable concrete coatings come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, allowing homeowners to transform plain concrete surfaces into visually appealing ones. This can significantly enhance the aesthetics of interior spaces like basements, garages, and pole barns.

Increased Durability: Our flooring systems create a protective barrier that shields concrete from wear and tear caused by foot traffic, weather, and everyday use. This protection extends the lifespan of the concrete, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Improved Safety: Our concrete coatings offer slip-resistant properties, which can enhance safety in areas where wet conditions are common, such as garages, around indoor pools or in bathrooms. This helps prevent slip and fall accidents.

Easy Maintenance: Coated concrete surfaces are generally easier to clean and maintain than bare concrete. They are less prone to staining from oil, dirt, or spills, making them a practical choice for areas like garage floors, basements, bathrooms, and pole barns.

Customization: Homeowners have the flexibility to choose coatings that match their design preferences and complement their home’s style. Our decorative concrete coatings can mimic the look of various materials like stone or carpet, adding a touch of elegance to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cost-Effective: While there is an initial cost associated with applying durable concrete coatings, they can save homeowners money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. This cost savings can make them a wise investment.

Resale Value: Improved aesthetics, durability, and low maintenance can increase the resale value of a home. Potential buyers often view coated concrete surfaces as a desirable feature.

Protection Against Chemicals: In areas like garages or workshops, where chemicals and automotive fluids are commonly used, our concrete coatings can provide a protective barrier against stains and damage caused by these substances.  Salts from the winter pit and damage concrete, they have no affect on our floors, therefore protecting your garage floor from deterioration.

Quick Installation: Depending on the type of system, installation can be completed in 1 day, minimizing disruption to the homeowner’s daily life. UV Stability: Our coatings are designed to resist UV damage, ensuring that the color and appearance of outdoor concrete surfaces remain vibrant over time.

Sustainability: Our modern concrete coatings are formulated with environmentally friendly materials and low VOC content, making them a more eco-conscious choice for homeowners concerned about sustainability.

In summary, a Floorguard flooring system offers homeowners a range of benefits, including improved aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, and enhanced property value. Whether for enhancing the appearance of your garage, or creating a stylish indoors living space, these coatings provide practical and aesthetic advantages for residential settings.

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